Our Mission

Our mission at M4G CrossFit is to empower each person to be great! Whether your goal is to have more energy to play with your kiddos, or if you are wanting to improve your overall health, we are here to support you on that journey. When you join M4G CrossFit you are joining more than a gym with equipment, you are joining our fitness family. Our community has a foundation of three core pillars: Empower, Effort and Evolve.

Our Core Pillars


Our gym culture is focused on empowering each person to feel confident in pursing their fitness and health goals. This empowerment comes from not only our coaches, but also our entire membership base. When you join receive face to face and virtual motivation from your new fitness family.


At M4G CrossFit, it doesn’t matter if you are the strongest or weakest person in class, we value and celebrate YOUR EFFORT! Join wherever you are at today and be confident that we accept and celebrate members at every athletic level.


The name of our gym was inspired by the quote “Good is the enemy of GREAT.” Don’t settle for a good enough life, step into constant growth so you can live a GREAT life. We want to help you evolve to reach your personal goals.

Step into Greatness

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