“CrossFit Gave Me My Why”

A post featuring one of our M4G 2022 Effort winners, Tifani Goen and her journey in CrossFit. 1. Why you started CrossFit I ran cross country in elementary and middle school, but that was the extent of my athleticism. I was a mathlete, not an athlete. I didn’t start getting into fitness and taking careContinue reading ““CrossFit Gave Me My Why””

Matt’s Transformation Story

This year our community voted for one member to win what we call the “Rocky Balboa” award, given to a person who never gives up! The winner, who received roaring applause when announced, was Matt Grills. We asked Matt to share his CrossFit experience in the post below. Enjoy! Physical transformation comes through hard work,Continue reading “Matt’s Transformation Story”

5 Lessons Learned as the Gym Owners Wife

A message from the owner’s wife… It is no secret that owning your own CrossFit gym is a dream come true for many passionate athletes and coaches out there! For the past six years I have gone from being a timid, beginner athlete, to a coach, and now to being an affiliate owner’s wife. JustContinue reading “5 Lessons Learned as the Gym Owners Wife”

5 Ways to Prioritize your Health in 2019

Over the past year, one of the  most popular phrases I’ve heard is: “I have on my list to get back into shape! I need to start working out with you guys.” While this is an exciting comment to hear, time and time again those who use these words seldom show up in the gymContinue reading “5 Ways to Prioritize your Health in 2019”