What’s New!

A lot can happen in one year! Check out what’s new at M4G over the past year.

Additional M4G Team Members!


We now have a total of THIRTEEN coaches on our staff with a wide range of certifications and specialties to meet all of our members needs.

  • Olympic Lifting certified
  • Aerobic Capacity certified
  • Gymnastics certified
  • CrossFit Kids certified
  • Level 2 Trainer certified
  • Precision Nutrition certified


We have grown our cleaning staff to FOUR

  • Cleaning frequency occurs everyday of the week 
  • We have updated our cleaning equipment (say hello to Dory our Blue sweeper machine ;-). 


We have grown our Childcare staff to FIVE

  • We now offer Childcare everyday of the week, EXCEPT on Sunday
  • Monday-Friday @ 5pm and 6pm
  • Saturday @ 9:30am

Specialty Classes

On-Ramp Courses

  • Two week course that begins the first Tuesday of every month
  • Tuesday’s & Thursdays @ 7pm, Saturday’s @ 10:30am

CrossFit Kids

  • 45 minute classes for kids ages 5-12 years old
  • Offered in the summer months twice a week

Aerobic Capacity

  • 1 hour class centered around Cardiovascular/Monostructural conditioning (No gymnastics or weights)
  • Saturday’s @ 7:30am
  • Running, Rowing, Biking, Skiing, Jump Rope, and simple bodyweight movements ONLY

Olympic Lifting

  • 1 hour class centered around the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk
  • Sunday’s @ 11am

Additional Class Times

  • 6:30am Class (Monday-Friday)
  • Noon Class (Monday-Friday)


With the combination of remodeling, as well as, the removal of equipment, we have added over 800+ square feet of additional usable space for classes and open gym areas

This has allowed for the purchase of new and additional equipment along with larger class capacity and the efficiency of our classes and programming


Added and upgraded over $100,000 of equipment

  • From FOUR to TEN Concept 2 Ski Ergs, FOUR to TEN Concept 2 Bike Ergs
  • From ZERO to SIX Air Assault Runners, and ZERO to SIX Rogue Echo Bikes
  • From 68’ of usable rige space to 122’ – 54’ of ADDITIONAL Wall-mounted rig space
  • From EIGHT to FOURTEEN Squat Racks
  • Replaced generic coated pull-up bars with EIGHT 70” SPEAL Pull-up Bars
  • From FOUR to EIGHT 15’ regulation height ropes for rope climbs
  • From FOUR to EIGHT Ring Muscle-up Stations
  • Additional bumper plates and Dumbbells ranging from 5lbs-100lbs (5lb increments)
  • Additional equipment for Odd Object training and workouts
  • Crossover Symmetry bands


Weekly Meals- Offered through Lilac Kitchen

  • Pre-ordered weekly

Personal Training

  • 1-on-1
  • Group
  • Sport Specific

Nutrition & Life Coaching

  • Investing in Me Wellness – Kayla Hagerty
  • Holistic Approach – Nicole Lanning
  • Life Coaching- offered through On The Rise Group

Community Highlights:

We hosted our first ever KettleBall fundraiser for Wheeler Mission and raised over $23,000 in 2022 for this local non-profit as a community.

We conducted our annual Rob Hays Memorial Workout and raised over $1,000 for this previous members memorial fund benefiting the Indiana FFA Foundation

We continue to host our annual Indy Iron Games competition and added a beginner division (along with the intermediate).

We hosted our annual Fittest in the Fall elite competition and did podium payouts for winners.

Our gym continues to host our annual Made 4 Greatness challenge in the new year, where we award multiple winners for their effort, empowering others, and evolving physically. Check out the highlights from this year below with Coach Becky.

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