A New Home – Coaches Reflections


We are two weeks in of M4G CrossFit opening its doors, founding members joining, and the first classes taking place in this new space. Weeks prior to December 1st, there was an empty building. An empty building, surrounded by big dreams and loving friends pitching in to build this home together.

Using the word home for a gym may sound bizarre, as a matter of fact, it probably sounds CRAZY to those outside of the CrossFit community.  Many people treat the gym as a place of shame…the location where they punish themselves for eating poorly the day before or serving their “sentence” from a doctor saying they need to drop those extra pounds. This is how I once felt prior to finding CrossFit. The gym was a place for alone time, observing my flaws and working to change what I saw in the mirror.

CrossFit has drastically shifted the paradigm of how people (myself included) view the gym.

FROM (before CrossFit):

  • A place of solitude, head buds in and people watching begins
  • A place for self-hate and comparison
  • Mirrors screaming out your flaws
  • A journey alone
  • A place of punishment
TO (CrossFit):

  • A place of friendship & fellowship
  • A place of self-worth and celebration of what is possible
  • A certified coach instructing to help improve your movement
  • Our journey is together
  • A place one calls home

CrossFit has evolved the traditional “gym” atmosphere to become a place that we CAN call home. A home is built by a family, a community of love and support. Over the past two weeks at M4G we have seen the family start to form. People eagerly arriving after work ready to see their friends and share in a workout together. People cheering others on, giving those exhausted fist-bumps to their classmates after completing the daily workout and hanging around after to chat and decompress after a long day.

Health is our priority. Happiness is our priority. Wherever you are, whether you are in Indianapolis or France, FIND YOUR GYM HOME! Find the place where you look forward to visiting and shifts your mindset from a workout because you have to…to a workout because you want to!

As we continue to build this home together at M4G, us coaches and staff want to make sure you know how grateful we are. Grateful for those friends who helped put the pieces of this gym together, those who sent encouraging notes and to those who have made the leap to pick M4G as the place they call home.

We’ll leave you with this quote:

Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home…it’s your responsibility to love it, or change it.”

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